Sentences with Mother, 60 Sentences about Mother in English

Sentences with Mother, 60 Sentences about Mother in English

1. How’s your mother?

2. Will my mother cook?

3. My mother cooks well.

4. My mother never lies.

5. My mother adores him.

6. My mother is an angel.

7. My mother is a beauty.

8. I’m a wife and mother.

9. Is your mother at home?

10. My mother is coming home.

11. Mother prepared us lunch.

12. My mother is full of hope.

13. I want to see your mother.

14. Her mother beat them both.

15. My mother bought a new car.

16. I am truly my mother‘s son.

17. She takes after her mother.

18. Like mother, like daughter.

19. My mother got me a tiny toy.

20. My mother asked me for help.

21. My grandmother had a stroke.

22. My mother cleaned the house.

23. My mother never wears green.

24. She is as tall as her mother.

25. My mother took a deep breath.

26. My mother drank from the tap.

27. My mother is cooking at home.

28. My mother and aunt are twins.

29. I saw my mother hide the cake.

30. My grandmother has become old.

31. What a loving mother you have!

32. My mother lay down on the bed.

33. My mother burned her left hand.

34. My mother asked us to be quiet.

35. I must call my mother tomorrow.

36. My grandmother is very healthy.

37. I helped my mother a lot today.

38. “A dreamer,” scorns her mother.

39. My father danced with my mother.

40. My mother is cleaning the house.

41. My aunt is older than my mother.

42. Don’t blame us,” said my mother.

43. My aunt is older than my mother.

44. My mother brushed away the dust.

45. My mother suddenly onset singing.

46. My mother wants a glass of water.

47. They rushed towards their mother.

48. My mother reluctantly approached.

49. He went to visit his sick mother.

50. Why are you acting like my mother?

51. My mother is sweeping the kitchen.

52. My mother lost her temper with me.

53. My mother jogs three times a week.

54. My mother cooked for us yesterday.

55. Your mother will love you forever.

56. My mother read Blindness last year.

57. I am no mother, and I won’t be one.

58. My mother cooks dinner every night.

59. I saw my mother tear up the letter.

60. Idleness is the mother of all evil.

61. My mother wants to sweep the house.

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