Sentences with Me, 30 Sentences about Me

Sentences with Me, 30 Sentences about Me

1.Please give me some milk to make tea.

2.Give me that red big math book.

3.When will you call me to meet me?

4.He will call me tomorrow.

5.Tell me what you think’ll happen.

6.Can you hand me the pen?

7.Will you come with me on a city tour of Paris tomorrow?

8.Please grant me a loan.

9.Miss me when we are parted.

10.You ought to have warned me earlier.

11.Will you lend me your camera?

12.Can you write a message to me if you see Alexander?

13.Would you hand me the pencil?

14.You don’t listen to me.

15.You always want to play games or get attention from me while I’m studying or busy at work.

16.I never drink vodka, it tastes bad for me.

17.Do not talk to me like that.

18.Please grant me a loan.

19.It wasn’t me knocking on your door.

20.It wasn’t me who knocked on your door.

21.Feel free to call me any time.

22.Please, help me now!

23.Can you write a message to me if you see Alexander?

24.He asked me to marry him today, however, he also prepared a beautiful organization.

25.I don’t want you to talk to me again because you lied to me.

26.The blonde-haired girl called me and said she liked me.

27.My little cousin Abraham has brought me a lot of presents from his hometown.

28.I can’t use my pen because the tip of my pen is broken. Can you give me yours?

29.Can you give me that old red bag?

30.I like you but you don’t like me.

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