Sentences with Hearing, Sentences about Hearing in English

Sentences with Hearing, Sentences about Hearing in English

1. Have you been hearing me?

2. A blind person’s hearing is often very acute.

3. I remember hearing a very similar story to that.

4. I am barren of words. For no sounds from my mouth are worthy of your hearing.

5. I’m tired of hearing about money, money, money, money, money. I just want to play the game, drink Pepsi, wear Reebok.

6. I’m tired of hearing about money, money, money, money, money. I just want to play the game, drink Pepsi, and wear Reebok.

7. Thus, some of the sentences he said were incomprehensible, and this child was very quiet, we even had difficulty hearing.

8. I have terrible hearing trouble. I have unwittingly helped to invent and refine a type of music that makes its principal proponents deaf.

9. An agent saw one of the plays I did at ACT, but my mom was like, No, she’s too young. I became so annoying that a year and a half later she just couldn’t stand hearing me any more!

10. I’m not really religious but very spiritual. I give money to this company that manufactures hearing aids on a regular basis. More people should really hear me sing. I have a gift from God.

11. I start really missing London when I go away. I have a little flat, but very central. I live above a pub and you’d think it’d be a nightmare, but I like hearing the music and it’s quite comforting.

12. Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we’re tired of hearing promises that we know they’ll never keep.

13. So far as I know, anything worth hearing is not usually uttered at seven o’clock in the morning and if it is, it will generally be repeated at a more reasonable hour for a larger and more wakeful audience.

14. Bishop Frederick Henry of Calgary is facing at least two official objections to his public statements along with expensive hearings before the Alberta Human Rights Commission for expressing his biblical views on same sex marriage.

15. I know that campaigns can seem small, and even silly. Trivial things become big distractions. Serious issues become sound bites. And the truth gets buried under an avalanche of money and advertising. If you’re sick of hearing me approve this message, believe me – so am I.


1. Do you hear me?

2. I hear nothing.

3. I heard that, too.

4. Can anybody hear me?

5. Alex heard coughing.

6. I don’t hear nothing.

7. We don’t hear a thing.

8. Frank heard the noise.

9. Did you hear the news?

10. I lost my heart on you.

11. I’m sorry to hear that.

12. I heard the phone ring.

13. We heard the door open.

14. Alex can’t see nor hear.

15. I could hear everything.

16. Didn’t you hear a scream?

17. I heard someone shouting.

18. Didn’t you hear a scream?

19. Have you been hearing me?

20. I heard they caught Frank.

21. No one can hear you, Alex.

22. I heard Steve was captured.

23. He had a mild heart attack.

24. Jessica has a gentle heart.

25. I am sorry. I did not hear.

26. We hear you loud and clear.

27. Nobody heard Alex’s screams.

28. I could hear Samuel yelling.

29. 31.I don’t want to hear this.

30. Suddenly, they heard gunfire.

31. Far from eye, far from heart.

32. You make my heart skip a beat.

33. I heard him coming downstairs.

34. I am happy to hear your voice.

35. You cannot heal a broken heart.

36. Let me hear your frank opinion.

37. I guess you heard about Samuel.

38. I heard you might be in trouble.

39. Do you hear? Someone’s shooting.

40. A honey tongue, a heart of gall.

41. Alex is a very kind hearted boy.

42. Be swift to hear, slow to speak.

43. Faint heart never won fair lady.

44. She felt her heart beat quickly.

45. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

46. I could recite the story by heart.

47. A heavy purse makes a light heart.

48. My brother is cruel and heartless.

49. Only do what your heart tells you.

50. A light purse makes a heavy heart.

51. I heard it from a reliable source.

52. I sometimes hear rumors about her.

53. A fair face may hide a foul heart.

54. I hear you’ll set up a new company.

55. I’d love to hear you sing sometime.

56. Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.

57. I’d love to hear you sing sometime.

58. What had you heard from the outside?

59. I came straight here from rehearsal.

60. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

61. I heard Samuel split up with Jessica.

62. It’s quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

63. Each bird loves to hear himself sing.

64. Our hero demands the warrior’s heart.

65. Steve thought he heard a dog barking.

66. I hear you went to the United States.

67. I heard you might be moving to Madrid.

68. You could hear a pin drop in the room.

69. None so deaf as those that won’t hear.

70. Every hole loves to hear himself bray.

71. To wear one’s heart upon one’s sleeve.

72. We thought we heard your dulcet tones.

73. Anderson loves Jane with all his heart.

74. We are literally in the heart of Jesus.

75. Heart and head are contrary historians.

76. I hear it’s buried under all that snow.

77. Click the image to hear animal’s sound.

78. Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.

79. I was astonished to hear that he failed.

80. I’ve never heard Samuel complain before.

81. I’ve never heard Samuel complain before.

82. What the heart thinks the tongue speaks.

83. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

84. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

85. The teacher spoke loudly for all to hear.

86. Expectation is the root of all heartache.

87. Have you heard whether Frank got the job?

88. I’ve never heard of such a strange story.

89. I’ve never heard of such a strange story.

90. Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.

91. We were delighted to hear of your success.

92. Alex heard a noise and went to investigate.

93. I heard the cracking of her swollen joints.

94. Fear crept into my heart and settled there.

95. They won’t have heard the news by tomorrow.

96. My heart aches for those starving children.

97. My sister panicked when she heard the news.

98. She may have heard everything you just said.

99. Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.

100. A blind person’s hearing is often very acute.

101. I replied automatically when I heard my name.

102. The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.

103. A friend is what the heart needs all the time.

104. The heart that once truly loves never forgets.

105. There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.

106. Life will not break your heart. It’ll crush it.

107. Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

108. I remember hearing a very similar story to that.

109. For the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts.

110. We were delighted to hear of my brother’s success.

111. Can you speak a little louder? I can not hear you.

112. Peace does exist. It exists in your heart and soul.

113. The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.

114. The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.

115. Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart.

116. The Nobel Peace Prize opened up a door in my heart.

117. I was relieved to hear that you had arrived safely.

118. Beauty, more than bitterness, makes the heart break.

119. The heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of.

120. The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.

121. Believe not all that you see nor half what you hear.

122. Alex and I were astonished to hear what had happened.

123. A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.

124. Two hearts can beat as one, even if they aren’t synced.

125. People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.

126. I’m glad you like it. (I’m glad to hear your good news.)

127. Meanwhile in my head, I’m undergoing open-heart surgery.

128. Silence, I discover, is something you can actually hear.

129. I’d lose my mind if I heard my kid call the nanny Mommy.

130. I heard you were gossiping about me and I didn’t like it.

131. I’ve never hearheard his voice so strained, so frantic.

132. There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.

133. I prepare myself for rehearsals like I would for marriage.

134. Take away the violence and who will hear the men of peace?

135. Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

136. He who says what he likes, shall hear what he doesn’t like.

137. Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes.

138. When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.

139. Do not scorn pity that is the gift of a gentle heart, Éowyn!

140. We know the truth, not only by the reason, but by the heart.

141. Sorrow compressed my heart, and I felt I would die, and then.

142. When seeking guidance, don’t ever listen to the tiny-hearted.

143. Our hearts were drunk with a beauty Our eyes could never see.

144. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

145. It can’t be spring if your heart is filled with past failures.

146. How many times can a heart be broken before it is beyond mend?

147. A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.

148. Jonathan was not talking anymore because he had a broken heart.

149. You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.

150. A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.

151. Hearts are fragile things. That’s why you have to be so careful.

152. I love playing moms. It’s a lot easier than being a mom, I hear.

153. A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.

154. Theater has to resonate in your heart in a way that movies don’t.

155. I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

156. Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.

157. I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest.

158. May our hearts garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.

159. Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

160. I am broken and healing, but every piece of my heart belong to you.

161. Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger.

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