Sentences with Greeted, Sentences about Greeted

Sentences with Greeted, Sentences about Greeted

1. He greeted the lady.

2. He greeted us and left.

3. They greeted us warmly.

4. He greeted and went inside.

5. Steve greeted me with a smile.

6. Jessica greeted us with a smile.

7. Pam greeted her guests at the door.

8. We were greeted by a cute waitress.

9. The bartender greeted Frank by name.

10. His arrival was greeted with cheers.

11. The teachers greeted the little boy.

12. My sister greeted me with a big smile.

13. My father greeted and went to his room.

14. My mother greeted and went into the kitchen.

15. Samuel greeted Jessica with a passionate kiss.

16. My teacher greeted me and said she had never seen me for 3 days.


1. Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other.

2. We meet fear. We greet the unexpected visitor and listen to what he has to tell us.

3. When an opponent comes forward, move in and greet him; if he wants to pull back, send him on his way.

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