Sentences with Great, 22 Sentences about Great in English

Sentences with Great, 22 Sentences about Great in English

1.Isn’t this great?

2.I’ve learned a great deal about Anderson.

3.I must share this great news with my family immediately.

4.What is your greatest weakness?

5.I had a great time last night.

6.This is great news.

7.You’ve written a great speech.

8.I had a really great time tonight.

9.The experience caused Alex great pain.

10.That’s great.

11.It’s going to be great.

12.We have great hopes for you.

13.She has great confidence in herself.

14.George has a great appetite. He wants to eat everything he sees.

15.She achieved a great success in 2011 and completed the university with first place.

16.A great earthquake would mean the end of an entire city because the buildings in the city are not solid at all.

17.The family appreciated the great success he achieved. But he deserved it.

18.You are going to be great!

19.What an great university campus is this? I swear I saw a troop of foxes that drinking water from this pond.

20.The camping site was great. All of us should go there together.

21.The newly built gym was great. An engineering wonder.

22.She doesn’t even know that the poem she read is great.

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