Sentences with Father, 50 Sentences about Father in English

Sentences with Father, 50 Sentences about Father in English

1. My father is tall.

2. your father is tall.

3. Father got laid off.

4. What is your father?

5. Where is your father?

6. My father gazed at me.

7. My father didn’t show.

8. Like father, like son.

9. My father likes Steve.

10. My father didn’t show.

11. My father didn’t show.

12. My father didn’t show.

13. My father’s dog ate it.

14. I am helping my father.

15. My father lost the bet.

16. I’m proud of my father.

17. My father saw the news.

18. How old is your father?

19. The father looks angry.

20. My father writes books.

21. My father’s shoe stinks.

22. My father is despondent.

23. Is your father a doctor?

24. Don’t fall asleep father.

25. My father stood up again.

26. I’m as tall as my father.

27. Is your father a teacher?

28. What does your father do?

29. My father stood up again.

30. I am as tall as my father.

31. Go and sit by your father.

32. My father had to withdraw.

33. My father is a bank clerk.

34. He adores his grandfather.

35. My father burst into tears.

36. My father spoke impolitely.

37. My father is in his office.

38. Did you question my father?

39. My father spoke impolitely.

40. My father manages the store.

41. I met my father at the cafe.

42. My father’s pulse is normal.

43. My father bought a tiny pen.

44. My father lost 30 kilograms.

45. I sleep less than my father.

46. Did your father go to Japan?

47. My father is a quiet person.

48. My father accepted her gift.

49. That reminds me of my father.

50. My father switched on the TV.

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