Sentences with Custody, Sentences about Custody

Sentences with Custody, Sentences about Custody

1. Frank is in custody.

2. Alex is still in custody.

3. Alex got custody of his son.

4. Steve is in police custody now.

5. Steve is in protective custody.

6. We’ve got a suspect in custody.

7. The police held him in custody.

8. Samuel is in protective custody.

9. Samuel is now in police custody.

10. The police took Hank into custody.

11. The suspect was taken into custody.

12. The man was held in police custody.

13. Samuel lost custody of his children.

14. The police have a suspect in custody.

15. Steve wants full custody of the kids.

16. The police have taken Samuel into custody.

17. Do the police still have Steve in custody?

18. Steve was given full custody of the children.

19. Samuel has been taken into protective custody.

20. Her husband also wanted custody of the children.

21. The police have one of the kidnappers in custody.

22. I think it’s highly unlikely that Jim will get custody of the kids.

23. I certainly hadn’t expected to walk away from today’s trip with joint custody of a miniature dragon.

24. Instead, I think over the years we have cut the strength of marriage and relationships by the law and weakened the institution. We have tried to deal with relationships with no-fault divorce, with child custody, with so many other avenues and it has not helped.

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