Sentences with Credibility, Sentences about Credibility

Sentences with Credibility, Sentences about Credibility

1. Alex lost his credibility.

2. Steve has credibility problems.

3. We don’t want to lose our credibility.

4. He lost his credibility because he betrayed a friend.

5. You can’t wake up one day and say ‘I’m for gay marriage,’ and wake up the next day and say ‘I’m against it.’ Wake up one day and say, ‘I’m pro-choice,’ and the next day wake up and say, ‘I’m pro-life.’ There’s no credibility there.


1. The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible.

2. If you care about being thought credible and intelligent, do not use complex language where simpler language will do.

3. Evidence of the Orient was credible only after it had passed through and been made firm by the refining fire of the Orientalist’s work.

4. Christianity is at its best when it is peculiar, marginalized, suffering, and it is at its worst when it is popular, credible, triumphal, and powerful.

5. People cry at weddings for the same reason they cry at happy endings: because they so desperately want to believe in something they know is not credible.

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