Sentences with Certainly, Sentences about Certainly in English

Sentences with Certainly, Sentences about Certainly in English

1. Samuel certainly tries hard.

2. She is certainly above forty.

3. You certainly did well today.

4. You can certainly rely on him.

5. Certainly, nobody believed him.

6. Frank certainly doesn’t need a loan.

7. Well, my morale is certainly boosted.

8. George certainly didn’t expect to win.

9. My father certainly deserves our respect.

10. Steve certainly has Mary wrapped around his finger.

11. They certainly give very strange names to diseases.

12. The female mind is certainly a devious one, my lord.

13. He’s certainly a very smart and sane man, you can trust him.

14. George certainly doesn’t have a very good sense of direction.

15. I have a political attitude, but I’m certainly not a politician.

16. The house will certainly sell in spite of the fact that it’s overpriced.

17. The school will certainly sell in spite of the fact that it’s overpriced.

18. Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.

19. If so many men, so many minds, certainly so many hearts, so many kinds of love.

20. Victims. Victims of a transitional period of morality. That is what we both certainly are.

21. Certainly it constitutes bad news when the people who agree with you are buggier than batshit.

22. I certainly don’t sit around in the morning making pancakes listening to Whitehouse or anything.

23. Who in their infinite wisdom decreed that Little League uniforms be white? Certainly not a mother.

24. You will certainly have a hard time doing this assignment, but the result will make you very happy.

25. I certainly hadn’t expected to walk away from today’s trip with joint custody of a miniature dragon.

26. You lose your individuality a huge amount when you have no money, and I certainly had that experience.

27. There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty. That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting.

28. An artist needn’t be a clergyman or a churchwarden, but he certainly must have a warm heart for his fellow men.

29. My dad was a good athlete. My mom had longevity. There were some athletic genes that certainly got passed down.

30. Beauty opened all the doors it got me things I didn’t even know I wanted, and things I certainly didn’t deserve.

31. Certainly the best works, and of greatest merit for the public, have proceeded from the unmarried, or childless men.

32. I think I’m going to have to live vicariously through my daughter’s rebellion because I certainly never did go through adolescence.

33. Ultimately, to have a career in movies, to a certain extent, certainly in England, you can’t sustain a career in just English movies.

34. With reasonable men, I will reason with humane men I will plead but to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost.

35. There is an element of anger among women who’ve been raped. There’s certainly a major element of humiliation. But it really does seem like a medical condition of shock and horror.

36. I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.

37. The days of our lives, for all of us, are numbered. We know that. And yes, there are certainly times when we aren’t able to muster as much strength and patience as we would like. It’s called being human.

38. When I get recognized for ‘Twilight,’ it’s usually a teenage girl, and they’re usually really loud. So it certainly feels like I get recognized the most from that, but it could just be because of the nature of how vocal those fans are.

39. Marriage is something that needs to be worked on every day. I don’t know if I’m the one to give marital advice since I’ve only been married for a little over a year, but marriage is certainly easier if you are open, trusting and loving.

40. There is no doubt that America remains the premier political, economic, military power in the world, and I both expect and count on it remaining so, because I think that’s certainly in our best interest but also the best interests of the world.

41. Our son is in school now. You know, he’s six-and-a-half and so a big chunk of the day is taken up by school. So I’m hoping that I’ll be able to certainly take him to school in the morning, maybe pick him up in the afternoon and come back to work.

42. I get up at sunrise. I’m a Buddhist, so I chant in the morning. My wife and I sit and have coffee together, but then it’s list-making time. I have carpentry projects. We have roads we keep in repair. It’s not back-breaking, but it’s certainly aerobic and mildly strenuous.

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