Sentences with Caution, Sentences about Caution

Sentences with Caution, Sentences about Caution

1. Caution, the soil may slip!

2. Caution is the parent of safety.

3. Booking means an official caution or yellow card.

4. Birds are very timid animals, they must be treated with caution.

5. Trust is the most insidious of poisons. Trust sidesteps all of your precautions.

6. We frequently encounter such situations in our school and take some precautions to ensure discipline.

7. Excessive caution destroys the soul and the heart, because living is an act of courage, and an act of courage is always an act of love.

8. Bryn, when you were six years old, you tried to bungee jump off a jungle gym by connecting the straps of your overalls to the bars with your shoelaces. Caution has never been your strong suit.

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