Sentences with Can, 27 Sentences about Can

Sentences with Can, 27 Sentences about Can

She can play the piano.

Can you hand me the pencil?

Can I go to the park?

Can I help you?

I can send this letter for you.

You can not drive fast.

They can stay with us when they come.

I can speak four languages.

She can drive a car.

Can I use your book, please?

If you want, you can go to the park.

It can’t be raining. The sun is shining and there are no rain clouds.

You can not smoke here.

Smoking can cause cancer.

It can get very hot there these days.

Can you help me?

My son can speak English.

My father can fix cars.

Can I borrow your notebook?

Can I speak to Mary?

As long as you live here, you can use all my stuff.

You can join the party tonight, not too late. Please be home at 2:00.

He has lived in Germany for 10 years so he can speak German very well.

Can you get me a glass of water from the kitchen?

My cat will run out, can you please close the door?

Can we go south this summer for vacation?

Can’t they drive this car?

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