Sentences with As, 27 Sentences about As

Sentences with As, 27 Sentences about As

1.Canada is not as beautiful as England

2.I have worked as a engineer for two years.

3.I’m as tall as my father.

4.We were confused as well.

5.I can see as well as you can.

6.As far as I know, he isn’t lazy.

7.Alex speaks French as well as me.

8.I can’t sing as well as Jessica did.

9.He’s not as old as my brother.

10.She has invited Bruce as well as Billy.

11.I can’t play tennis as well as Frank.

12.Samuel can ski as well as his brother.

13.I only meant it as a joke.

14.He as well as you is tired of this work.

15.Is he handsome as well as being smart?

16.Alex wished that he could play tennis as well as Jessica.

17.The reasons are as follows.

18.George wishes he could speak English as well as John does.

19.Amanda doesn’t want to talk to him as well as not care about him.

20.I’ll act as a guide for you.

21.I never learned how to speak Spanish as well as I wanted.

22.My son was at school yesterday as well as John.

23.Alex came to USA as a child.

24.He has experience as well as knowledge.

25.The girl is smart as well as pretty.

26.Please treat me this year as well as you did last year.

27.Can you swim as fast as he can?

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