Sentences with Accidentally, Sentences about Accidentally

Sentences with Accidentally, Sentences about Accidentally

1. Steve blew himself up accidentally.

2. He accidentally got on the wrong bus.

3. Alex accidentally ate some rat poison.

4. Steve accidentally threw his thumb drive into the garbage.

5. How do you ‘accidentally‘ kill a noble man in his own mansion?

6. I put tape on the mirrors in my house so I don’t accidentally walk through into another dimension.

7. There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.


1. Accidental rudeness occurs alarmingly often.

2. Yet, sadly, accidental rudeness occurs alarmingly often.

3. I seem to myself, as in a dream, an accidental guest in this dreadful body.

4. I’ve become sort of an accidental advocate for attachment parenting, which is a style of parenting that… basically, the way mammals parent and the way people have parented for pretty much all of human history except the last 200 years or so.

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